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Image by Lori Stevens

Our Mission

The objective of Mountain Memories is simple, yet complex. We were blessed to grow up in an environment where stories, songs, family lore and local history were exchanged in friendly gatherings on front porches, hunting camps, living rooms, church socials, funerals and family parties—basically anywhere where folks could gather to celebrate or commiserate, almost any situation—good or bad.


It seemed to be a simpler time back then. A time when folks were more open minded and were able to put their differences aside to reflect on things and enjoy each other’s company. It is our objective to replicate those experiences today through the concerts, events and festivals we promote.

We are proud to partner with several outstanding venues and incredibly talented artists in accomplishing this objective –and of course, we are always open to other like-minded artists and venues joining us to achieve our goals.


In the tumultuous times we live in today, we feel strongly that Mountain Memories events are needed more than ever, as a sort of neutral ground, where ALL people can gather in a safe place, enjoy each other’s company, while being entertained by world class musicians and storytellers at world class events and festivals.


Contact us today to book a show or put on an event or festival for you—we look forward to hearing from you.

Check our event calendar page for a list of our upcoming shows and festivals.

Come join us to create your own unique mountain memories!

Our Team

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