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Our Mission

The objective of Mountain Memories is simple, yet complex. We were blessed to grow up in an environment where stories, songs, family lore and local history were exchanged in friendly gatherings on front porches, hunting camps, living rooms, church socials, funerals and family parties—basically anywhere where folks could gather to celebrate or commiserate, almost any situation—good or bad.


It seemed to be a simpler time back then. A time when folks were more open minded and were able to put their differences aside to reflect on things and enjoy each other’s company. It is our objective to replicate those experiences today through the concerts, events and festivals we promote.

We are proud to partner with several outstanding venues and incredibly talented artists in accomplishing this objective –and of course, we are always open to other like-minded artists and venues joining us to achieve our goals.


In the tumultuous times we live in today, we feel strongly that Mountain Memories events are needed more than ever, as a sort of neutral ground, where ALL people can gather in a safe place, enjoy each other’s company, while being entertained by world class musicians and storytellers at world class events and festivals.


Contact us today to book a show or put on an event or festival for you—we look forward to hearing from you.

Check our event calendar page for a list of our upcoming shows and festivals.

Come join us to create your own unique mountain memories!

More About Us

Bob Plott is a North Carolina native who can trace his family roots in the Old North State back to mid-18th century when his ancestors and their dogs arrived here from Germany. By 1763 Bob’s great-great-great Grandfather, George Plott, had married and settled in the piedmont foothills of North Carolina where he and his wife raised a large family.


One of their sons, Henry Plott –Bob’s great-great Uncle – took some of the family dogs with him to what is now Haywood County in about 1805. He and his brother in law Jonathan Osbourne, followed the old Rutherford trace through what is now downtown Canton, and planted a crop of corn in a river bottom near Dutch Cove.


Bob Plott Book Program 5 & 6 - IG (1).png

Bob Plott

Founder, President, & Owner

The crop failed and Plott endured a hard mountain winter with his dogs before following the Rutherford Trace over Pigeon Gap in the early spring. He then went through present day Waynesville and Hazelwood to claim land there. The valley in which he settled became known as Plott Valley, the creek that ran through his property became known as Plott Creek, and the towering mountain range above their home became known as the Plott Balsams.


The Plott hound breed eventually gained worldwide notoriety here as the premier big game hunting dog in the world as subsequent generations continued to raise the legendary dogs. The Plott hound became the official state dog of North Carolina in the late 1980s –and rightfully so, as the legacy of the Plott clan and their storied hounds extends across the entire state, not just Haywood County.


Bob Plott continues that family tradition of raising the hounds today. He is also a 2016 winner of the prestigious Order of the Long Leaf Pine Award, and has written six award winning books—all published by the History Press – celebrating the history of the Plott breed and southern mountain culture, along with writing scores of magazine articles.


Bob is an avid outdoorsman, an accomplished woodcarver, and has conducted programs across the southeast telling the story of the Plott hound. He is included on the traditional artists directory of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Council (BRNHC), as well as a featured speaker on the NC Humanities Council’s Roads Scholar program.

In September 2023, Bob received the Mountain Heritage Individual Award, presented annually by the Western Carolina University Mountain Heritage Center, Mountain at their annual Mountain Heritage Day Festival.


For more information about Bob, Mountain Memories events, or to order his books or carvings, contact him at


Maggie Rainwater

With her company, Rainwater Poster Co., Maggie Rainwater provides promotion and admin support to Mountain Memories Productions. With a family legacy that dates back to the early days of bluegrass music, Maggie grew up with a passion for spreading the word about the artists and events that inspire her. Maggie has more than a decade of experience in the music industry; since founding Rainwater Poster Co. in 2019, she has supported dozens of artists and events nationwide. Maggie is enthusiastic about the history and stories behind the music she loves, and enjoys working as part of the Mountain Memories team to bring Appalachian heritage events to life. For more information about Maggie and her work with Rainwater Poster Co., visit!

Owner and CEO, Rainwater Poster Co.
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